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 Horn of Africa coordination meeting

Photo credit: WHO
Source: WHO 1988, Smallpox and Its Eradication


Participants at the third coordination meeting in Nairobi, 17-19 Apr 1978. The first meeting to coordinate surveillance and certification activities included Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, and Sudan; it was held in Apr 1977. The second meeting, held in Sep 1977, included Djibouti. The third meeting, shown here, included the Democratic Republic of Yemen; the Yemen Arab Republic was invited but could not attend.

Left to right, front row: Z Islam (WHO; India), Yemane Tekeste (Ethiopia), I Arita (WHO; Japan), CL Khamis (Kenya), B O'Keefe (Kenya), DWO Alima (Kenya);

middle row: HB Lundbeck (Sweden), KR Dumbell (United Kingdom),SO Foster (WHO; UK), V Radke (WHO; USA), WM Jaffer (Democratic Yemen), Girma Teshome (Ethiopia);

back row: PR Arbani (WHO; Indonesia), IP Mwatete (Kenya), MN El Naggar (WHO; Egypt), JF Wickett (WHO; Canada/Switzerland), RC Steinglass (WHO; USA).